Upcoming Exhibits:

     "Face The Music"

     "Artists painting Artists"

     Summer 2017

Still life set up with colored blocks and still life objects indoor/outdoor, cape school style

Parking behind Guyer Barn

(municipal lot)

Paint in/out, artist paint together subjects they choose, plus make use of the art salon library of art exercises

Cape Cod Symphony Portrait Sign Up:

       (choose from shedule below)

"Face the Music"

Dates/Times vary

Sign up here ---->

$20, or 3 for $45

A gathering place for Cape Cod Artists, hosted by Salonierre, artist Laura Balboni

Portrait Xchange

Fridays 6pm-9, free

Northlight Still Life Set up

Saturday 9am-12, $5

"How to See Color"

Monday, Wednesday, 10am-1, $2

J. Itten color chord stencils

Portrait Xchange is a chance for artists to take turns posing, clothed, for figurative painting sessions. No fee, but model sign up requested. Bring refreshments to share.

Laura Balboni Craciun

Fine Art

A painting community

Easels provided

Arthur Stern 22 still life setups

"Face the Music", May 26, 5pm, Cultural Ctr CC

Model Schedule:

(subject to change)

1/20 6p S. Hale, pilot, 46 Pearl

1/24 4:30p M. Sears, flute, $20, Guyer

1/31 4:300 G. Scharr, Trmbn, $20, Guyer

2/3 6p A. Petito, 46 Pearl

2/7 10a L. Chaplan, violin, $20 Guyer

2/10 6p Syd Hale, 46 Pearl

2/14 10:30 L. Chaplan $20, Guyer

2/21 10:30 Y. Waynen  $20 Guyer

2/28 10:30 L. Chaplin, $20 Guyer

3/3 6p, Shelly K, 46 Pearl

3/7 10:30-1, B. Doriss, oboe, $20, Guyer

3/10 6p Shelly K., 46 Pearl

3/14 4:30p Honors quartet, $20 Guyer

3/23 10a Jae concertmaster violin, $20, Guyer

3/24 6p S.Mclean, 46 Pearl

3/29 1:30p R. Campbell, piano, $20, tbd

4/6 10:30-1, G. Scharr, trombone, $20, Guyer