Upcoming Exhibits:

     "Face The Music"

     "Artists painting Artists"

     Summer 2017

Still life set up with colored blocks and still life objects indoor/outdoor, cape school style

Parking behind Guyer Barn

(municipal lot)

Model Schedule:

(subject to change)

1/20 6p S. Hale, pilot, 46 Pearl

1/24 4:30p M. Sears, flute, $20, Guyer

1/31 4:300 G. Scharr, Trmbn, $20, Guyer

2/3 6p A. Petito, 46 Pearl

2/7 10a L. Chaplan, violin, $20 Guyer

2/10 6p Syd Hale, 46 Pearl

2/14 10:30 L. Chaplan $20, Guyer

2/21 10:30 Y. Waynen  $20 Guyer

2/28 10:30 L. Chaplin, $20 Guyer

3/3 6p, Shelly K, 46 Pearl

3/7 10:30-1, B. Doriss, oboe, $20, Guyer

3/10 6p Shelly K., 46 Pearl

3/14 4:30p Honors quartet, $20 Guyer

3/23 10a Jae concertmaster violin, $20, Guyer

3/24 6p S.Mclean, 46 Pearl

3/29 1:30p R. Campbell, piano, $20, tbd

4/6 10:30-1, G. Scharr, trombone, $20, Guyer

A gathering place for Cape Cod Artists, hosted by Salonierre, artist Laura Balboni

Portrait Xchange

Fridays 6pm-9, free

Northlight Still Life Set up

Saturday 9am-12, $5

"How to See Color"

Monday, Wednesday, 10am-1, $2

Paint in/out, artist paint together subjects they choose, plus make use of the art salon library of art exercises

Cape Cod Symphony Portrait Sign Up:

       (choose from shedule below)

"Face the Music"

Dates/Times vary

Sign up here ---->

$20, or 3 for $45

A painting community

Easels provided

"Face the Music", May 26, 5pm, Cultural Ctr CC

Portrait Xchange is a chance for artists to take turns posing, clothed, for figurative painting sessions. No fee, but model sign up requested. Bring refreshments to share.

Laura Balboni Craciun

Fine Art

J. Itten color chord stencils

Arthur Stern 22 still life setups